June Amazon Picks

Okay is there anything more convienant than Amazon? A click or two and then it shows up at your doorstep, major win!

In the last couple of months I have been loving these finds and I hope you do too!

You like my hat? gee thanks just bought it

Everywhere I go, I get so many compliments on this hat! I have a slightly larger noggin so I wear this hat tilted up instead of on top of my head. Also it’s $16 so holla!

This is bandanas

You know I love a good bandana! Tie in your hair, around your neck for a camper chic look or on a bag. My summer look of 2019 has been pledged to be accessorized with a bandana.

wipe it, wipe real good

These are in my makeup kit and on my night stand. My go to for makeup removal!

business casual

I am always looking for comfy, cute & black outfits! We wear all black for onsite services and I need it to be cute but comfortable at this jumpsuit does not disappoint!

no bad Selfies

If you are running a business online this is your new best friend. I got this on recommendation from a fellow blogger and it’s. a. game changer.

Suns out, guns out

These tanks are the softest, coziest need to have closet staples. I’ve worn them to workouts, date nights, layered them for working, wear them to bed.. the list goes on. JUST.SO.SOFT.

Mom's wish list

When I married my husband I knew right away what his love languages were which helped me alot when gearing up for holidays and special occassions. Knowing how he loves and shows love has been so helpful not only with what to expect but also what not to get upset over. We both share one in common and the others vary. The gifts we both love is quality time, so this tends to be where my heart truly lies. However there are deffinitely times I yearn for a gift. When there is something I truly want I will let him know (thanks for my Christmas/birthday/mothers day blender babe)

So before I begin on the Mother’s Day gift recs I have for you, make sure you check in with the mom in your life and be sure to ask her first if there’s something special on her mind. If all she says is “ You have given me more than I could of ever asked for” than you 10000% need to show up with a little something. Women like that deserve a special little gift.

For the practical mom.

This tends to be my category, I love something useful. I have been saving for two years for this bad boy. My mother in law even pitched in with birthday money for this machine. About two weeks ago I was blending a smoothie and my oyster blender exploded for the final time. Shards of plastic, acai berrys on my white cabinets, smoothie oozing from the ceiling.. the works. It was a full blow explosion. Costco has this one on sale $70 off! I can tell you I felt like the coolest mom ever walking out of costco with my blender. The wind was blowing my hair in a perfect flowy motion, my body swayed behind the box I could barely see around, the sun beamed a spot light down on me from the heavens and I was actualy beyonce for five seconds.

This blender is $70 off at  Costco  now until May 12th.

This blender is $70 off at Costco now until May 12th.

If Beyonce Blender is a bit much I love a good gift card. I love picking out suff and love it when family and friends see a need and want to fill it. Practical mom loves it when something is takin off her list for her. These are my top gift card ideas.

-Shipt gift, any mom that loves shipt will be so stoked.

- Salon card. Blow outs, nails, facials, massages, any of these is probably something mom isn’t doing for her self but desperately needs to.

- House cleaning/ Car detailing. Secretly this is a holy grail one. A complete professional deep cleaning and all I have to do is play with my kids, Hallelujah


For the Beauty mom.

This is an area most are intimidated to buy me these gifts because I get professional pricing and just end up buying what I want, BUT this is where I’m able to help y’all with my secrets!

-Fancy fancy perfume. Great gift for mom because its practical, but also makes mom feel like a queen when she’s wearing chanel honey.

- Charolette Tilburry lip stick. Each lipstick is so soft, silky, long lasting and it feels luxurious. You actually turn into a super model when its applied.

-Davines hair masks. If mom is into coloring her hair, uses well water, or overall is unhappy with how dry her hair is this whole line is divine. Ha. But seriosusly free of parabens, harsh chemis and is even sourced and packaged ethically this professional hair care line hits every bell of praise from myself and other professionals. For locals, we have one Davines salon in Petoskey at Bel Fiore Hair Studio on Emmet Street. Be sure to tell them I sent you!

To buy Davines locally visit  Bel Fiore Hair Studio in Petoskey, MI.

To buy Davines locally visit Bel Fiore Hair Studio in Petoskey, MI.

For the cool mom that just wants to hang.

Quality time is a big lover of mine. Whether its quality time alone or with loved ones, I really appreciate thoughtful gifts that generate memories.

-Spa days are a hit always, forever. The end.

-High time you have High Tea. Our local autograph collection hotel does a fabulous job. If you aren’t local to Northern Michigan, fear not most high end hotels offer this service and no you dont have to book a room. However, The Inn at Bay Harbor is next level yall. Complete with a tray tiny cucumber sandwhiches and lemon tartes this service will have your hear beaming with joy. Be sure to tell Jody I sent you!

-Picnics are underrated. They are so inexpensive, very romantic, utterly charming, incredibly thoughtful, must I go on? I am a sucker for a great picnic. A bottle of local wine, order sandwhiches from the local deli, pick up some yummy snacks, viola.

Iphone photo when my gals and I went. For reservations  click here

Iphone photo when my gals and I went. For reservations click here

I hope this stirrs some creativity for you. And if you are out there and astranged from your mom for any reason, I am sending you the warmest mom hug. Chances are there is a women in your life that has loved and guided you in some way and this week is a perfect oppertunity to show her you love her and you are grateful for her love.

Happy Mother’s day to all you hot mama’s out there, you are doing an amazing job!



The season of single

As a wedding professional it is so easy to get caught up in focusing on our engaged clients and really honing in on the population with their relationship status set to marital bliss. But what if you’re single and dying inside looking at the flood of married content?

Girl, I see you. And while I try hard to keep my private life, well private there has been many dark chapters of hating being single in my big book. Before the flood of gag-worthy posts and photos of my seemingly “perfect family” life, I will admit it didn’t come as easily as choosing a filter that highlights all my good sides.

Not very long ago there was a very heart broken Sav who looked in the mirror one day and saw all the awful relationships I had been in had a common denominator.. it was the girl in staring back at me. I know, ouch. But the truth was undeniable and well I had a choice, be in denial and the equation would never change or face the truth and make some changes. If all I needed was a positive mindset and awareness a few good self help podcasts I should be able to change right? Wrong, every date I went on the men all had the seemingly the same issues. I wrote in my journal “ All they want is sex, they are unreliable, unstable and REALLY immature” is what I wrote in my journal. A loving older woman and my mentor at the time gently looked at this list, circled it and drew a line back to my name. All these guys I was dating had similar charastics but they all had ME in common. She told me with the most love in the world, “ You may not be ready to date until you can work on some of your stuff, because this is what you are attracting right now”. Woof. That is is kind of love I needed, not girls telling me “Thats just how guys are” or filling my ego with nonsense that it’s not me.. it’s them.

I was brought to my knees in dispair and decided I didn’t have the capacity to be available to anyone else until I showed up for myself first. So after years of bad & toxic relationships I decided to show up for myself in a way I had never done before.. one year I was not going to focus on dating, one year was about my health and learning about relationships by maintaining them with my friends. I grew in the most remarkable ways that year as God molded and prepared my heart for the years to come.

By the grace of God, when I was ready, he brought my beautiful now husband to me. We learned to overcome great hardship together in the first year of marriage. We are still growing, but aren’t immature in our partnership, we show up and are dependable. All the growth of my singleness brings so many gifts in our marriage.

But I see you in your singleness girl, bouncing from relationship to relationship and lusting after your Pinterest wedding board while anxiously staring at the mythical biological clock. I see you, I hear you and I say enjoy this. If by chance you are stuck, get you a good therapist, I am serious keep looking until you find the right one, find a wiser woman who will sort of sponsor you and be honest with you about the things you need to hear. Find a community, go to church, find a yoga studio, whatever you do DON’T ISOLATE it only breeds more crazy!

Be patient. Ask for help. Show up for yourself first. This too will pass and you’ll find your happy in ways you never thought was possible.




Hi, my name is Embarrassed.

Hey loves,

Its been the weirdest start to the year and I am actually super embarrassed that here it is four months later and I am on the second blog post. But here is the thing, I am embarrassed but not ashamed, and there is a difference. Personal identity for a twenty something gal is tough enough as it is, but add business owner and mother roles on top of it and feels like the most hazy head fog. So I refuse to add more insecurity on top of myself, It’s easy to self destruct in that headspace and no one wins there.

So even though its embarrassing, its not shameful that these months away were actually necessary. Nakina & Ko blew up faster than I expected, meaning we sold out for the wedding season. Major win, super humbled and excited about that but with rapid growth comes rapid responsibility. The client experience became my priority next to my personal life. Then something actually embarrassing happened.

My dream for Nakina has always been to become a physical space. Women connecting, having regular clients, champagne flowing.. the works. I was on the road to finally making it happen. There was a board room, an agent and a space. It was real, it felt real. Giddy with excitement that the word was “go” I let the information leak, I posted it to social media, I announced it publicly.. hello grand opening party!

Then a phone call happened, and text messages and crying and lots of spiral thoughts. The universe said no. It’s like it just changed it’s mind. She was like “Sorry honey but you need to stay where you are”, and that sucked. Like really sucked. But she’s right, she always is. So I dusted off the shame and went back and resended my grand announcement, because if God and the Universe say no than I have learned not to force it.

Being a business owner or any kind of professional for that matter, it’s embarrassing sometimes. Sometimes you’re rocking it and sometimes you are in a season of slow intentional movement. Its easy to wave the victory flag when we are in a season of success, but when its slow its easy to feel ashamed. But here is what I have learned, the season of slow is victorious too. Making mistakes helps you grow so much more successful. Slow intentional seasons are necessary, I am willing to say they are vital. For personal and professional growth. Slow and quiet seasons, feeling humbled, and taking a step back is a time to feel victory too. It is also okay to feel embarrassed, its human but don’t you dare feel ashamed for being a human being.

Thank-you so much for being here and embracing this #relatablybeautiful life with me, in every season.

Warm hugs,


2019 New Year, Best version of YOU!

It’s actually amazing to me how fast 2018 flew by. After years of needing to put the past in the rear view, this year It was actually bittersweet to see the year 2018 to leave. 2018 was the year I embraced the black cloud and realized that the pain I endured in 2015 and 2016 oh and 2017 was the years of growth. I, like many many people out there suffered a lot of loss and grief in 2018. From loosing the relationships of two family members and my lifelong friend over to addictions to almost getting a divorce I started to feel very, very abandoned and very very alone at the start of the year. But after trudging through so much post partdum depression in 2017 I wasn’t about to sit and sulk in misery for another full year. So 2018 was about circling back around and becoming a little bit wiser and a lot more at peace. It was the year I wore short sleeves and revealed to my small town and conservative church that I am covered in tattoos and totally not ashamed of it. I honored my healing body. I prayed harder and harder, read the bible cover to cover and became much more confident walking around in the body I am blessed to have. I started Nakina Artistry which later became Nakina & Ko dispite all the people that talked trash on it and tried to shame me for not portraying a real life beauty queen and assuming my venture was a “cute” side project and will surely fail... 2018 Sav got her groove back, and ‘Im walking into 2019 with the dust kicked off my knees and ready to embrace that black clouds that come in life but when that sun shines its a glow that can can keep you warm all year round.

So without further a do, here is my relatable beauty queen New Year tips. Take what you want and leave the rest, but I hope this list will spark a little inspiration to try something different to give 2019 the best version of you!

Things to stop doing in 2019

Stop wearing black eyeliner in the water line. I admit it I was a tanning salon frequent flyer. Wore porn star… I mean french acrylic tips and heavy black eye liner in the water line and wore PINK across my butt with the best of them in 2009. But that was 10 years ago ladies, lets leave it all in the past with our high school boyfriends shall we?

As we age the black water line is not only dangerous for our eyes but its awfully aging on us. Pulling at our skin to apply the liner causes increased aging and the black tones under our eyes only enhances the signs of aging and the dark circles. Try applying eyeshadow with a small flat brush along your lower eye lashes. This technique gives the depth and shadow you need in a much softer way. For a natural sublte effect I suggest a light brown and for more drama use a grey tone or dark brown.

If you dont have a small flat makeup brush, use the smallest one you have or an eyeliner brush will work too!

If you dont have a small flat makeup brush, use the smallest one you have or an eyeliner brush will work too!

Stop shaming your sisters.

Mantra: To each their own. This adulthood mean girls scene is just old and useless. If home girl is doing her thing and loving life not hurting a thing leave her alone. Just zip it. Body shaming and comparing outer appearances needs to be left in the dust. We aren’t all going to be friends and there may be some friends you have to “break up with” for your own health but let it go with love whether its for her or for you either way you win if its done in love.

Why can’t we be friends, oh why can’t we be friends.. la la la la

Why can’t we be friends, oh why can’t we be friends.. la la la la

Things to try in 2019

As far as makeup goes if you haven’t played with a highlighter, this is your year girl! A tiny bit goes a long way, just a dab on your cheek bones, a light dust above your cupids bow and brush below your eyebrow makes all the difference. This technique is for everyone, hear me it is for you. Age and race pay no mind my love. If you haven’t tried it, go girl.

Treat yourself! If you have never made an appointment for just a blow out, you have to book one! Blow outs are an easy way to have a few minutes of solitude and relaxation without a spa bill and you’ll have fantastic hair for days after! I absolutely love getting blow outs, the head massage the shiny bouncy hair and natural volume, oh yes hunny. Give me a call and I will hook you up girl!

Do something to switch up your look in the new year. Whether its try a new lip shade or give highlights a try or pick up a couple great quality wardrobe pieces. Nothing sets the flow for the year like the new found confidence you get from adding a little pizazz to your look. Something that says “hey, I got this and dayum I look good doing it” really gets your head and heart facing the year with grit and sass. Do the best your can with what you can afford to make this happen. It makes a world of difference when setting the right mindset in the New Year. Here are some ideas I have but really the list is limitless!

Lipstick is a cheap and commitment phone friendly. If you have an olive tone in your skin try a purple hue’d lipstick. This is one I wear frequently and I love the feminine, strong and fierce vibe it throws. If you have a rosy pink tone in your skin give a coral pop a try, thats the Pantone color of the year this year so it lends to hip and trendy vibe.

Love that purple hue lip!

Love that purple hue lip!

If you haven’t balyaged, babe you are missing out! It’s a low maintenance highlighting technique meaning you don’t “have” to touch them up regularly. I can stretch out my appointments for 2-3 months at a time as blonde but my sister a darker brunette will stretch hers out for 6 months plus. Its fresh, beautiful natural and a service you will love! If you are in the Northern Michigan area, my favorite balayage specialists are Jessie Dawley of Jessie James Salon, and Mary & Katie of Bel Fiore Salon in Petoskey.

A really really great facial. This will run you anywhere from $100-$250 dollars but the benefits of a customized facial will last you for months to follow. Your skin will thank-you for the love and in return give you the best glow of your life. No joke! The power of good facial lays the foundation for having confidence in all areas. Whether you wear makeup or not clear, smooth skin makes us all feel and look our best. My recommendation is to go to an independent esthetician or an esthetician working in a dermatologists office. Spas tend to over charge for services and their employees tend not to get compensated well. They also don’t have the access to the kind of equipment and products that independent estheticians do.

Buy an outfit you can wear to work you absolutely love wearing. Having a well made outfit for working that fits you well and makes you so confident is a must. A few years ago I bought a tailored Marcucino black suite I feel like a total badass in. It makes me look slim and tough as nails. The way I work in it makes me feel bold and confident. This year I plan to purchase another outfit like that. I have worn that suit to everything and now I think about it, I have had that bad boy for 6 years now and Its been more than worth the investment. Black will never go out of style so if you want something timeless to invest in I would recommend a black piece you can dress up and wear color with. But the most important thing is you love wearing it. Im not talking you like it or you really like it I’m talking L O V E it. Every time you see in the closet it makes you smile and you are always giddy to pick it up from the dry cleaners kind of love. Actually I am trying this in 2019, only buying things I love and make me happy to look at.

This was so simple but I loved the black blouse with a bandana look this year, I wore it A LOT.

This was so simple but I loved the black blouse with a bandana look this year, I wore it A LOT.