Easy, affordable beauty products that rock!

I mean if you’re out shopping anyways.. pick up some beauty products your face and wallet will thank you for.


I know there are a million lists going on holiday shopping and I don’t want to be another annoying “you should buy this” advocate but I have complied a list of glam products I have bought for myself you might be interested in. There is no sponsorship here but heyyy if you are out there and want to pay me fore my honest reviews email me at hello@nakinaandko.com and I will gladly recieve the commission!




BH Signature Rose Gold

13 Piece Brush Set.

$24 (Ulta)



This set is a steal of a deal. The brushes are cruelty free and so so soft. The application is seamless and the variety of brushes really gives you almost everything you need in your makeup kit. It also comes with a cute holder which I love that they do.


Anatasia Beverly Hills

Contour palette (Sephora & Ulta)




Forty dollars might seem like a lot at first glance but the palette is so versatile. I use this professionally and personally. My personal palette lasts a whole year and I multipurpose it as an eye shadow palette. There are both warm and cool tones so you will not have to worry about the wrong color match.


It Cosmetics

CC Cream

$38 (UltA)



There is no CC cream I love more than IT’s. Full coverage but light and dewy. It really is your skin but better. It has anti aging peptides, SPF 50 and vitamins A,B,C & E. It also is color correcting and dense enough I don’t usually need to wear concelear.



Cleansing balm travel size




Actually anything Beautycounter! There is a lot of hype but I think they are the real deal. One of my good friends has been using this balm and I am obsessed with her results, I had to get it for myself. I have a feeling I am going to love all the skincare they have to offer, I love their values and ordering is so much easier than any other direct marketing company. Simply shop online and add the consultants name and avoid akward contact with the crazy MLM ladies that stalk you and flood your Facebook with junk posts.

I have noticed these products to be affordable, easy to use and have become staples in my beauty routine. If you try them let me know what you think!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas ya’ll!

Peace, love and relatable beauty,