Mom's wish list

When I married my husband I knew right away what his love languages were which helped me alot when gearing up for holidays and special occassions. Knowing how he loves and shows love has been so helpful not only with what to expect but also what not to get upset over. We both share one in common and the others vary. The gifts we both love is quality time, so this tends to be where my heart truly lies. However there are deffinitely times I yearn for a gift. When there is something I truly want I will let him know (thanks for my Christmas/birthday/mothers day blender babe)

So before I begin on the Mother’s Day gift recs I have for you, make sure you check in with the mom in your life and be sure to ask her first if there’s something special on her mind. If all she says is “ You have given me more than I could of ever asked for” than you 10000% need to show up with a little something. Women like that deserve a special little gift.

For the practical mom.

This tends to be my category, I love something useful. I have been saving for two years for this bad boy. My mother in law even pitched in with birthday money for this machine. About two weeks ago I was blending a smoothie and my oyster blender exploded for the final time. Shards of plastic, acai berrys on my white cabinets, smoothie oozing from the ceiling.. the works. It was a full blow explosion. Costco has this one on sale $70 off! I can tell you I felt like the coolest mom ever walking out of costco with my blender. The wind was blowing my hair in a perfect flowy motion, my body swayed behind the box I could barely see around, the sun beamed a spot light down on me from the heavens and I was actualy beyonce for five seconds.

This blender is $70 off at  Costco  now until May 12th.

This blender is $70 off at Costco now until May 12th.

If Beyonce Blender is a bit much I love a good gift card. I love picking out suff and love it when family and friends see a need and want to fill it. Practical mom loves it when something is takin off her list for her. These are my top gift card ideas.

-Shipt gift, any mom that loves shipt will be so stoked.

- Salon card. Blow outs, nails, facials, massages, any of these is probably something mom isn’t doing for her self but desperately needs to.

- House cleaning/ Car detailing. Secretly this is a holy grail one. A complete professional deep cleaning and all I have to do is play with my kids, Hallelujah


For the Beauty mom.

This is an area most are intimidated to buy me these gifts because I get professional pricing and just end up buying what I want, BUT this is where I’m able to help y’all with my secrets!

-Fancy fancy perfume. Great gift for mom because its practical, but also makes mom feel like a queen when she’s wearing chanel honey.

- Charolette Tilburry lip stick. Each lipstick is so soft, silky, long lasting and it feels luxurious. You actually turn into a super model when its applied.

-Davines hair masks. If mom is into coloring her hair, uses well water, or overall is unhappy with how dry her hair is this whole line is divine. Ha. But seriosusly free of parabens, harsh chemis and is even sourced and packaged ethically this professional hair care line hits every bell of praise from myself and other professionals. For locals, we have one Davines salon in Petoskey at Bel Fiore Hair Studio on Emmet Street. Be sure to tell them I sent you!

To buy Davines locally visit  Bel Fiore Hair Studio in Petoskey, MI.

To buy Davines locally visit Bel Fiore Hair Studio in Petoskey, MI.

For the cool mom that just wants to hang.

Quality time is a big lover of mine. Whether its quality time alone or with loved ones, I really appreciate thoughtful gifts that generate memories.

-Spa days are a hit always, forever. The end.

-High time you have High Tea. Our local autograph collection hotel does a fabulous job. If you aren’t local to Northern Michigan, fear not most high end hotels offer this service and no you dont have to book a room. However, The Inn at Bay Harbor is next level yall. Complete with a tray tiny cucumber sandwhiches and lemon tartes this service will have your hear beaming with joy. Be sure to tell Jody I sent you!

-Picnics are underrated. They are so inexpensive, very romantic, utterly charming, incredibly thoughtful, must I go on? I am a sucker for a great picnic. A bottle of local wine, order sandwhiches from the local deli, pick up some yummy snacks, viola.

Iphone photo when my gals and I went. For reservations  click here

Iphone photo when my gals and I went. For reservations click here

I hope this stirrs some creativity for you. And if you are out there and astranged from your mom for any reason, I am sending you the warmest mom hug. Chances are there is a women in your life that has loved and guided you in some way and this week is a perfect oppertunity to show her you love her and you are grateful for her love.

Happy Mother’s day to all you hot mama’s out there, you are doing an amazing job!