July Amazon Picks

Its my favorite time of year here in Northern Michigan and even though life is BANANAs right now with the store opening, the peak of wedding season and finding a rhythm of work/life balance in the midst of it all, Enjoying this season is SO important to me.

Here is a list of my Amazon Picks that are helping me enjoy every milisecond I get to love my favorite season.

This sunscreen is winner. I love how ultra light and easy it is absorb + its mega moisturizing

These bags are great for the beach or farmers market, plus they are a great price!

My babes & I love these waters, they are so refreshing & easy to pack plus they are packed with electrolytes without added sugar or sodium.

The kids really love these life jackets because they keep them upright and able to swim normally in the water without being overly bulky or too hot to wear. They actually look forward to wearing their puddle jumpers!

I ordered these last year and had them customized by my hand lettering pal Meredith of Tiny Bits of Happiness and it is my go-to beach hat!

I have an obsession with turkish towels, truly. Honestly anything that can be multipurpose is a win in my book, less stuff to carry = happy mama. These are light towels that have doubled as a blanket, beach towel, and cover-up skirt.