August Amazon Picks

I’m sorry, I know its cliche but holy wow this summer has flown by for us. We have had amazing weather this year, incredible clients and over all just a great study hustle for us seasonal workers. August can be bittersweet, it feels like summer is practically over but truthfully it is kind of the best month for us up in this resort town we call home. The lakes are nice and warm, the beaches are a little less crowded and the work is more steady and less chaotic (Compared to July!)

This month my picks are all about simplicity and tools to make life a little easier (and a touch more fabulous). I hope you enjoy!

Typically for bridal clients I 100% recommend the Bellami Hair extentsions because the quality is bar none and I can trust them with a curling iron. But sometimes clients just want a little extra length & volume with out the financial or time commitment of professional tape in or keratin extensions. These clips from amazon have been a great option for ladies just wanting something easy to use for photos & events. They give the extra volume you many need & are so inexpensive with still good quality!


I’ve been using these for years and they are such a great life hack! With the opening of a new business and school starting a little meal prep goes a long way around here and these containers are so perfect for packing healthy lunches & dinners!


I always recommend clients use a hydrating face mask the night before a makeup service. Hydrated or more oily skin always absorbs makeup better than dry skin. I have become a fan of the sheet masks because of how easy it is to use and I love the ease of just throwing away the sheet instead rinsing because it gives a little extra goodness to the skin while it soaks in..


Earrings can really round out a makeup & hair style and I I like that these ones are subtle with a big impact. They make a great compliment to low pony, side braids or a half up style making any boho look seem polished & effortless.


I have been trying different things to save my shoulders lately and one way to cut down on compression and stress to my neck is switching out totes and cross sling purses and bags to backpacks. This one is lightweight and water resistant and uh only $4!


During an Amazon scroll I stumbled upon this little belt. I am always looking for tools to help me be more efficient and prepared for on location services and this is great for keeping business cards close, extra bobby pins & hair ties.